Emmanuel Sombsthay

French <> English Conference Interpreting service in France
/ Remote Simultaneous Interpreting (Video conferences)

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French <> English Conference Interpreting

I am a freelance conference interpreter, based in France, translating from English into French and from French into English. I provide my clients with simultaneous or consecutive interpreting services in Paris, the western part of France (Rennes, Nantes, Caen, Brittany, Loire valley, Normandy, Greater Paris area, Ile de France), and in other locations in France or Europe.

I also offer a remote simultaneous interpreting service for videoconferences, wherever you are.

I am a member of the International Association of Conference Interpreters (AIIC), a graduate of the University of Strasbourg, and have worked in the translation and interpreting sector for the last 18 years.


Supply of conference interpreting equipment & technical assistance

I can offer turnkey services that includes the supply of French - English conference interpreting, the installation and set-up of interpreting systems and equipment (interpreting booths, headsets,.) or relevant videoconferencing systems , and technical staffing during your In-Person or online events.

interpreting systems and equipment

Remote Simultaneous Interpreting solutions

I can provide you with a remote simultaneous interpreting service via Zoom, Webex, MS Teams, or any other videoconferencing system, wherever you are.

Please do not hesitate to contact me, should you have any query or to schedule a demo !

My services

French <> English Conference Interpreting

- Simultaneous interpretation / conference interpreting (real time translation). Interpreters translate into the target language in real-time while delegates listen to the interpretation through headsets.

French <> English Consecutive Interpreting

Consecutive interpreting is used when simultaneous interpretation is not practical, for instance during factory visits or over business lunches or dinner. The interpreter is next to you and translates what you said, once you have said it.

Supply of Simultaneous Interpretation systems and audio-visual systems

- Delegate Headsets
- Soundproofed translation booths
- Tour guide systems
- Public address systems (loudspeakers, microphones,..)
- Remote Simultaneous Interpreting solutions

Technical assistance

- Skilled and experienced technicians / Flexible and reliable service.

Interpreting is intended to facilitate communication between languages: the interpreter listens to the speaker (source) and then translates his/her words into the relevant target language.

Interpreting services can be supplied in different situations:

- conferences, congresses, seminars
- audits, business meetings
- meetings with a notary public or a lawyer
- business lunches
- videoconferences ..

Your requirements are my number one priority!

References and experience in the following sectors

Agribusiness / Food processing ; Archaeology ; Culture ; Energy including renewable energies ; Finance & Business ; Maritime affairs ; Medicine ; Industry & engineering ; IT / computer science ; Pharmaceutical industry ; Politics & National and European policies ; Sciences ; Social sciences ...


Paris press conference 1 - Ministry of Health

Paris press conference 2 - Ministry of Health

Press conference held by the Confederation of Meningitis Organisations, at the Ministry of Health in Paris, France (September 2010, 27th)

Examples of simultaneous interpreting assignments carried out (public events)

* FOWT 2021 - Trade fair & conferences - November 2021 - Saint Malo, Brittany, France (marine renewable energies / floating offshore wind)

* Biogaz Trade Fair - Nantes, France - January 2020 (conference interpreting)

* Medical conference (Dermatology) & training - Paris, France - December 2019 (consecutive and simultaneous translation)

* Scientific conference - "Megaliths of the world" - Archaeology - Historial de la Vendée (museum), Loire valley region, France - September 2019 (simultaneous interpreting)

* Maritime affairs - Maritime Spatial Planning - SIMNORAT conference - City of Brest - January 2019 (simultaneous interpreting)

* World Forum for Peace - Caen - Normandy, France - June 2018 (Conference Interpreting)

* SAMARCH Forum - Managing Salmon and sea trout in the English Channel - Mont Saint Michel - Normandy, France - May 2018 (Simultaneous Translation)

* Interreg EU project "Energy cities" - Rennes, Brittany, France - April 2018 (Simultaneous Interpreting)

* 1st international conference of Vitiligo sufferers' associations - Paris, France - April 2018 (Simultaneous Translation)

*"Brassica" conference - Agribusiness - City of Saint Pol de Léon - Brittany, France - January 2018 (Simultaneous translation)

* Ninth international conference of the association for behavior analysis - Paris - November 2017 (Simultaneous interpretation)

* International conference on cultural Diversity in TV sports information - University of Lannion (IUT) - Brittany, France - October 2017

* 36th Annual Conference of the European Bone and Joint Infection Society - Nantes - September 2017 (Simultaneous interpreting)

* 1st Ocean Observers Workshops - Océanopolis, Brest, Brittany, France - June 2017 (conference interpreting)


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