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Emmanuel Sombsthay

French / English Interpreter - Translator

Interpreting assignments in Paris, Brittany, Normandy & elsewhere in France

Member of the International association of conference interpreters (AIIC)

French <> English Interpreter - Interprète Français <> Anglais

Conference Interpreting / Simultaneous Translation

Interpreting is an exercise aimed at facilitating communication across languages: the interpreter listens to the speaker (source) and then translates his/her words in the chosen target language.

Interpreting can be carried out in very different circumstances:

- conferences, congresses, colloquiums, seminars
- audits, business meetings
- meetings with a notary public or a lawyer
- business lunches etc.

Your requirements are our priority!


Brittany Mobile: 0033 (0)6 65 26 68 97

I have been working in the conference interpreting field for the last 18 years, and have performed a wide range of assignments for both the private and the public sectors in France and in the UK. I would be happy to provide you with French / English consecutive or simultaneous interpreting, in line with your requirements.

I can supply interpreting services both in France and abroad, as well as providing “turnkey” solutions for conferences and seminars (radio communication equipment / simultaneous translation / recruitment and management of the team of interpreters).

References in the following fields:

Energy & Renewables
Finance & Business
Maritime affairs
Industry & enginenering
IT / computer science
Pharmaceutical industry
Politics & National and European policies
Social sciences ...

Please do not hesitate to contact me for further information.

Interpreting assignment carried out during the appeal for the founding of a national day against meningitis in France, on the initiative of Méningites France- Association Audrey, in partnership with the Meningitis Trust (UK) and the Institut Pasteur . On this occasion, I translated for Mrs Sue Davie, Meningitis Trust CEO.

Press conference at the Ministry of Health in Paris (Monday 27th of September 2010)

A tailored service

For each assignment I carry out a great deal of detailed research in order to become familiar with the line of business of the company or the organisation in question. Thus, to prepare for each interpreting assignment, I take the time to study the theme to be dealt with, and its specific terminology, in depth.

In order to prepare for an assignment effectively, I kindly ask my clients to provide me with background materials and relevant documents related to the event.

Furthermore, I abide by the AICC's code of professional ethics. Thus, I am fully committed to respecting confidentiality at all times and never take advantage of any information disclosed during the course of my work.

Interpreting experience

2000 – 2004 : In-house salaried French <> English Interpreter in England (Europe)

Employers: National Health Service / Local Authorities in the UK

Since 2004 : Freelance French <> English Interpreter in France (Europe)

Clients: Industrial & global companies, governments / administrations, local authorities, small and medium-sized businesses, universities, private individuals, conference organisers, etc.


Each assignment is unique and requires adequate preparation and research. After your requirements have been assessed, I shall quote you a fixed price for the job. Please CONTACT me for a free quote.


Exemples of interpreting assignments recently carried out:


* IBAIP Training at the University Hospital of Brest, Brittany, France - IBAIP: Infant Behaviour Assessment and Intervention Program - Neonatology Unit - April 2019 (simultaneous interpreting)

* Maritime affairs - Maritime Spatial Planning - SIMNORAT conference - City of Brest - January 2019 (simultaneous interpreting)

* Corporate event - Nantes - November 2018 - (Simultaneous Translation)

* Visit of a Wind farm under construction in the North Sea - England - September 2018 - (Consecutive Interpreting)

* World Forum for Peace - Caen - Normandy, France - January (Conference Interpreting)

* SAMARCH Forum - Managing Salmon and sea trout in the English Channel - Mont Saint Michel - Normandy, France - May 2018 (Simultaneous Translation)

* Interreg EU project "Energy cities" - Rennes, Brittany, France - April 2018 (Simultaneous Interpreting)

* 1st international conference of Vitiligo sufferers' associations - Paris, France - April 2018 (Simultaneous Translation)

* Scientific committee of the association « Paysage de Mégalithes » - Megalithism - Unesco - World Heritage - Carnac - Morbihan - Brittany - March 2018 (Simultaneous translation)

* In-house training & Audit - Pharmaceutical industry - Paris - February 2018 (Simultaneous Interpreting)

* Brassica conference - Agribusiness - City of Saint Pol de Léon - Brittany, France - January 2018 (Simultaneous translation)

* Simultaneous interpreting - Vinci Grands Projects' in-house event - Civil engineering - Paris - December 2017

* Simultaneous interpreting - Ninth international conference of the association for behavior analysis - Paris - November 2017

* Simultaneous translation - International conference on cultural Diversity in TV sports information - University of Lannion (IUT) - Brittany, France - October 2017

* Simultaneous interpreting - 36th Annual Conference of the European Bone and Joint Infection Society - Nantes - September 2017

* Simultaneous interpreting - 1st Ocean Observers Workshops - Océanopolis, Brest, Brittany, France - June 2017

* Simultaneous interpreting - Vinci Grands Projets' in-house event - Civil engineering - Brussels, Belgium - April 2017

* Simultaneous translation - Conference on French presidential elections - Wilfrid Martens Center for European Studies - Brussels, Belgium - March 2017

* Simultaneous Interpreting - In-house IT training (Oracle - SAP) - Paris - February 2017

* Simultaneous Translation - EU Interreg Project: "Bridge" - Rennes - February 2017

* Simultaneous interpreting - "Parliamentary Day": Event in Rennes - Topic: Smart cities - City of Rennes - Brittany, France - January 2017